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   home cakes chocolate gingerbread


Gingerbread 2002

Enchanted Palace

by Barbara May


Candies used

Tart N Tinies, Starlight mints, Chewy Sweet Tarts, JuJuBees, Candy buttons, Small candy canes, gold and silver dragees, meringue cookies, blue hard candies, royal icing, rolled fondant


I applied most candy prior to assembly, including melted hard candy window panes. After assembly, I placed the meringue cookie domes and added the lines of dragees. Then I added the JuJuBees and Tart N Tinies borders. I also added the drawbridge with candy cane supports. The moat is melted blue hard candies. I drew the flowers with royal icing on wax paper. After they dried, I attached them. The grass is royal icing, applied with a grass decorating tip.

   home cakes chocolate gingerbread

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