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   home cakes chocolate gingerbread


Gingerbread 2002

Golden Flame Pagoda

by Dad


Candies used

Gummy red raspberries, orange fruit slices, candy corns, gold dragees, jelly beans, Necco wafers, Starlight mints, chocolate rocks, blue hard candies, royal icing, yellow sugar sprinkles


The gingerbread was baked in two pieces, one over a bowl, the other around a metal funnel. I put the funnel on top of the bowl, covered the entire thing with icing and sprinkled it with yellow sugar. I then attached the raspberries, orange slices, candy corns, jelly beans, and dragees. The pond is a melted blue hard candy, with chocolate rocks around it. The ground is tiled with Necco wafers and a row of Starlight mints around the edge of the base completes the picture.

   home cakes chocolate gingerbread

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